Volunteer Sign Ups

Please contact Heidi Nixon to schedule volunteer hours:

(209) 242-5974


1 Child = 6 Hours

2 Children = 8 Hours

3 or more = 10 Hours

2019 Coaching Staff
Posted Apr 7, 2013

Football Coach Coordinator - AJ Nixon

Jr Novice

Head -  Jordan Lee

Assistant - Matt Fraiser

Assistant - 



Head -  Nelson Laires

Assistant - Joseph Bottoms

Assistant - Shane Dondero

Assistant - Cody Johnston

Assistant- Mason Ward


Jr Varsity

Head -  AJ Nixon

Assistant - Mason Marsh

Assistant - Timothy Patterson

Assistant - Grant Schaede



Head - Pete Katzakian

Assistant - Jim Cowan

Assistant - Manuel Lanticse

Assistant - Jeff Patrick



**Coaches will contact players via BONZI Team once registration is closed.

Parent/Player Agent
Player Safety Coach!

As part of USA Football and their new HEADS UP football program we have joined, we will be trained by league and the NFL to watch for concussion symptoms and other medical issues on the field and in practice of the players. He will act as the liaison of the new tackling techniques and explain the idea and concept to not only players and coaches, but also to the parents.