Volunteer Sign Ups

Register for all your volunteer hours on Signup.com (click individual game link below).

As you scroll down you will see all the positions and time slots available for each home game.

1Child = 6 Hours 2Children = 8 Hours 3 or more = 10 Hours

Jamboree: August 11, 2018

Game 1 : August 18, 2018

Game 2: August 25, 2018

Game 3: September 8, 2018

Game 4: September 22, 2018

Game 5: October 5, 2018

Contact Us

Linden Youth Lions
PO Box 1060
Linden, CA 95236

LYL Board Members
Joey Hjelmstad President hjelmstad@aol.com
AJ Nixon Vice President
Hope Brand Secretary
Jaime Stearns Treasurer joey.stearns@yahoo.com
Joey Hjelmstad Coaches Coordinator hjelmstad@aol.com
Kristi Mojalli Cheer Coordinator lindenyouthcheer@gmail.com
Julie Santos Cheer Assistant
Volunteer Coordinator
Sara Cowan Assistant Snack Bar Coordinator
Leslie Avansino Snack Bar Coordinator lesliedriever@gmail.com
Hope Brand Apparel Coordinator hopelucelle1978@hotmail.com
Hope Brand Fundraising Coordinator hopelucelle1978@hotmail.com
Mandy Young Registration Coordinator lindenyouthfc@gmail.com
John Ferreria Game Day League Rep johnferreira74@yahoo.com
DeeDee Hjelmstad Event Coordinator hjelmstad@aol.com
Erika Scelzi Player Safety Coach
Tony Carvalho Player Safety Coach tonyannouncer@yahoo.com
John Ferreria League Representative johnferreira74@yahoo.com
Weight Master
Joey Stearns Equipment Manager joey.stearns@yahoo.com
Equipment Assistant
Field Set Up Manager
Field Set Up Assistant